Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Video Camera

Got the C525 the other day and yesterday I mounted the eyepiece barrel onto it.  I initially let the glue cure for 3 hours but that wasn't long enough, so it's been sitting overnight and tonight (11/30/14) will be the first night on the scope.  For testing purposes, I'll be a quick look at the moon with different settings.  I'll also point to a star field and see if anything can be picked up.  I also have the barlow lens which may for once find a purpose in my work.  This is the beginning of my evaluation of this camera to act as a science instrument.

Logitech C525 with 1.25" eyepiece barrel attached

Looking "Down The Barrel"

With the lens cap on

"First Light" hand-held with no other optics.  Jupiter above, ISS passing below

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