Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Song Of The Day #24 ''Seeing Terra From Far Far Away'

Yesterday, NASA released an image of the Terra-Luna system from Saturn.  During the day, I happened to hear a cover of 'Leaving On A Jet Plane' originally written and sung by John Denver.  I've always liked this chord sequence, which is G-C-D.  I took this and created the following song -- inspired by a beautiful image and a beautiful song.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Song Of The Day #7 05 July 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Unknown Author

Not a sea of flame
Whose waves and deeps
Shall gulf the sun’s and worlds
But as a night, a darkness, and a silence
Past all light
Beyond all sound,
Oblivion waits and sleeps

Within its absolute encircling sweeps,
The universe
A stream of stars that sight deems countless
But upon whose gleaming flight like some eternal tide,
Oblivion creeps

A darkness and a silence,
There shall draw to one eclipse
The systems,
And disperse this strange and troubled dream
Of time and place
Then sun nor world shall be, nor light, nor law,
But endless night and emptiness of space
A vast nirvana of the universe

Music is Everywhere

Wow a lot's happened in the past several months.

Too much to post here.  Best just to put my links in here so you can hear what I've been up to.



I'm creating a new song every day and I've been doing it now for nine days in a row.  Tomorrow will be number ten and I'll start spreading the word about it.