Saturday, May 5, 2012

Music Project

One of my musical projects is to cover songs that I like and remix them to my liking.  I've been working on Gary Numan's 'You Walk In My Soul' for a while now and here's a recording I did of just the basic melody.  There are a few additions I want to mix into this, but for now, enjoy.

I have a Roland Fantom X8 synthesizer.  There is practically no limit as to the kind of music that can be made on it.  My musical interests are spread over a large variety of genres.  It's hard to characterize the kind of music I like since it's very subjective.  The kind of music I like the most is the kind that touches my soul and/or takes me to what I call "the musical place".

Aside from covering songs that I like, I want to take classical music (mainly Baroque but also Romantic) and turn it into Space Music.  This hasn't been done a lot but I think it has great potential.  When I've made an example of this, I'll post it to this blog.

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