Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who Are My Supporters?


My supporters are people who are interested in or have a passion for astronomy and/or music and are just as curious as I am about how the universe works and what we can do in it to use our senses to experience how beautiful it all is.

The vast majority of my supporters are people that I will never meet face to face.  They are mostly non-scientists or amateurs or hobbyists.  I'd like to think that professional astronomers and musicians would be interested in my work and would kick in a little from time to time.  My supporters are also friends, or friends of friends, who are interested in the work I'm doing.

My supporters are people who understand that they are giving me a gift with no strings attached and likely to get no "return on investment."  Meaning, they aren't necessarily interested in getting anything in return that will directly and concretely benefit themselves.  Their direct return will be satisfaction and joy in knowing that they are supporting interesting and important work.


Your support is considered a 'gift'.  If your gift returns anything at all, it should make both of us happy.  YOU will be happy supporting the work of someone who really enjoys what he's doing, and I will be happy because I'm doing the things I want to be doing.  It's a win-win scenario that comes from a place of love.

If there are any kind of tangible returns, here they are:
  • I'll provide you with detailed updates on the work I'm doing at least once a day.  This can be in the form of a blog posts, podcasts, tweets on twitter, posts to my facebook page, and videos on YouTube.
  • For the astronomy work, you will have full access to the data I collect, process, and create.  I will be publishing my results both on this blog and also submitting articles to various astronomical journals.  A link to the list of my supporters will be in every article I write.
  • For the music work, you will have full access to all of the music I cover or create.  I'm be creating some beautiful things which I hope you will enjoy listening to and sharing with others.  The music I create will also be for sale to the general public, with all money from sales going towards capital investments for both the music and astronomy projects.
I'll share everything with you and in so doing you'll be on this journey with me.  A shared experience is a very powerful, synergistic, and beautiful thing.  Come with me.


  1. Great idea! If you get $5000 per month, you can hire me as your assistant. I'm worth it!

    1. You may not have read the fine print! I'm capping my support level at $2500 a month. This isn't about getting as much $$$ as I want -- it's about doing things that I'm insanely passionate about!