Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crowd Funding Is So Groovy

As I detailed in my introduction, I'm doing crowd funding but with a little twist in that I'm looking for regular, monthly supporters and I'm putting a cap on that support at $2500, or 500 supporters, a month.  Below is part of an interview with a musician that just received 22,000 donations totaling over 1 million dollars.  I have no interest in having that huge level of support, but the idea is the same regardless of dollar amount.
It is a huge feat to convince people you're doing something worthy of that much money.
The way I look at it is this isn’t really so much about me anymore. I’m the one doing it and I’m glad I’m the one doing it. I’m glad I’m not putting this album out on a fucking label, but I’m hoping that I’m just one of many. Hopefully I’m just the first big successful one. The minute someone bigger than me comes along to do this I won’t be jealous, I’ll be ecstatic because I really believe in the philosophy of crowd funding and the philosophy of being directly connected to your fans, business-wise, and being in charge of your own creative destiny instead of letting other people do it. What this is showing people is that the system works. Anybody can do it. I get a lot of criticism for saying that because there are a lot of people saying, "Of course you can do it. You’re Amanda Palmer. You’re famous. You were on a major label." But actually anyone can do it on any level. You just have to apply the rules differently depending where you’re at.
This is taken from a larger article that you can read here.

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