Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Some New Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are created by playing a single frequency in one ear and a slightly different single frequency in the other ear. The difference between the frequencies create a noticeable beat pattern to the listener. Binaural beats are said to have therapeutic value.

Currently available binaural beats combine a single beat frequency with an ambient sound/song mixed in. This is fine, but I find that using this technique may not offer the desired full therapeutic effect. I see this as similar to taking a pharmaceutical drug, which is typically 1% active ingredients (a single kind of molecule) and 99% filler material.

My binaural beats does two things differently. First, there is no filler material. What you get is 100% pure binaural beats. Second, the beat frequency varies throughout the entire session. People are all different and therefore they respond to different beat frequencies. It’s arrogant for us to assume that specific frequencies effect everyone exactly the same way. Single frequencies create an audio experience that is fairly static. Using my binaural beats, the listener receives a variety of beats, similar to the “ensemble effect” in natural medicines where a plurality of molecules are synergistically mixed.

The varying beat frequencies are produced in a very unique way as well. I’ve taken the motions of astronomical objects (e.g., the four Galilean moons of Jupiter) and converted these into the individual frequencies for each ear. This provides a beat frequency that is slowly changing, and directly connects the listener to events happening in the universe. This also entrains the brain in different ways throughout the session, offering a richer and dynamic therapeutic experience.

The binaural beats that I offer can vary in base frequency, range of beat frequencies, and length of session. In this sense, the sessions are made to order. How the beating changes, though, is completely dependent on the motions (in this case) of the astronomical objects.

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