Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Astronomy Daily *Live* Every Day at 02:00 UTC

I'm jumping into a new realm of insanity.  Hope you'll join me on the ride!

Astronomy Daily *Live*

ADL is a casual, open-minded, skeptical, educational, and fun conversation about astronomy and related fields.  Whether you're a newbie, amateur, advanced amateur, or professional, please join me every day at 02:00 UTC starting on 14 January 2018.  Most conversations will be directed by the participants, but I'll usually have some topics in my back pocket to keep the conversation flowing.  Open topics can include Q&A, observing, gear, telescopes, cameras and other instrumentation, data analysis and research, journal paper reviews, personalities, astro-art, projects and institutions, and pretty much anything else the participants suggest.

Consider this as a daily gathering of friends to hang out and discuss topics of mutual interest.  Get away from the TV and the news for a while, and come talk live with people from all around the world who share a similar passion for astronomy!

Email cosmiclettuce AT gmail DOT com and I'll send you a link to become a panelist when the show goes live!

My youtube channel URL is:

Please subscribe, set a reminder, and join the conversation!

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