Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jupiter Today 07 December 2015

Jupiter Today is resuming but it probably won't be every day.

Listen to the sound of the distances between the four Galilean moons change over the next 24 hours.  Best heard with headphones!!!!

The Sound of Jupiter Today 07 December 2015

This first plot shows the positions of the moons as they orbit Jupiter over the next 24 hours.  We're looking from the top of the system, so all of the motion is counter-clockwise.  The blue line is the line of site to Earth.  The red lines are the lines of site to the Sun, and 90 degrees to that to designate quadrants.

The 2nd plot shows the distances between each of the moons (the y-axis) as a function of time (x-axis, number of minutes since midnight).

Cyan - Io / Europa
Pink - Io / Ganymede
Yellow - Io / Callisto
Green - Europa / Ganymede
Red - Europa / Callisto
Blue - Ganymede / Callisto

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