Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Consecutive Evenings

For the first time in this project, I have data from two consecutive evenings!

Plus, it looks like maybe tonight is also going to be clear and calm.  Three nights in a row?  Maybe so!

Here's a quick couple images from last night showing the relative motion of Io and Europa, as well as motion of the Jupiter system itself against the background stars:

Figure 1: The Jupiter system 02 April 2014

It's gonna be sorta neat to watch the photometry of Io and Europa over this evening.  At the start, the photometry will show one object since they're so close.  So the values will be some combination of the two.  As the night goes on, however, Io and Europa separate enough for the software to distinguish two objects.  So the photometry will show a "single object" at a certain brightness, and then that line will split into two separate brightnesses, presumably slightly fainter than the combined brightness, but at pretty much the same distance and position angle.

1800 images were taken last night.  About 1282 have data in them.  962 images have Jupiter in them.  So as long as I'm hitting about 50% with the "Jupiter in the image" stat, I'm ok with my performance as a substitute telescope drive.

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