Saturday, November 23, 2013

Back From NowHere

I finally got my head around the problem I've been trying to solve with my all-sky camera project and am now proceeding.  The problem was to find the proper algorithm to calculate the RA and DEC of any pixel location in a given image.  At least on paper this is now complete.  I still need to encode and test it, and this is the next task which I figure will take a little while because there are quadrant complications that I need to figure out.

Once this is done, I can calculate the position of interesting targets in these all-sky images.  This will allow me to start doing some moderately interesting science.

Here's what one of my desktops look like:

Frame on left is my IRAF screen, showing the image header info.  Frame in right is the MMTO all-sky image I'm currently working with.
Thank the gods for the book 'Spherical Astronomy' by Robin Green for the math, and one of my college professors (Dr. Roemer) for the fearlessness to tackle these calculations.

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Peace to All.

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