Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Experimentation

I was having quite a bit of fun last night with something new I discovered I could do with my keyboard (Roland Fantom X8).  There is a microphone input that can then be piped through the effects!  This microphone input can be from an actual vocal microphone, but it can also be from an MP3 player or whatever else.

What seemed most interesting was putting this input sound through a combination of a delay and a phaser -- both of which I can modify on-the-fly.

I discovered that just tapping the input lead created a very interesting effect.  So I recorded a little bit of this while playing with all the dials on the phaser while keeping the delay constant at 174 milliseconds.  I then mixed in with this a fairly random "melody" on top of this tapping sound, and came up with this:

I call this song 'Finger On Wire' because that's literally what I was doing -- just putting my finger randomly on the end of this input wire.

I know, I know -- it isn't really all that interesting and really it's more like annoying noise.  I'm just experimenting so gimme a break.  At some point down the road I'm sure I'll find a need for this kind of effect and now I'll know how to do it.

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