Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Astronomy Resume

Career Experience

1988 – 1990                Student Research Assistant
Steward Observatory

·         Digitizing video tape (Speckle Interferometry (SI))
·         SI post-processing
·         SI data acquisition and software development

1988 – 1989                Telescope Operator
                                    Flandrau Planetarium & Steward Observatory

1990 – 1992                Student Research Assistant
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL)

·         Voyager I & II UVS data archiving, processing, & software development
·         UBV photometry of hot white dwarf stars

1992 – 1998                Scientific Programmer
Center for Astronomical Adaptive Optics
Steward Observatory

·         Hardware & Software development of AO systems, testing & simulation
·         Iterative Blind Deconvolution software development (IDAC)
·         Automated aircraft detection for laser guide star AO system

1992 – 1993                Instructor
                                    Pima Community College

·         Taught an 8-week community course (non-credit, open to the public) entitled 'Practical Astronomy' for two years

1998 – 2000                Scientific Programmer

·         Several software development projects for the IRAF software package
·         Assisting IRAF users via the IRAF help desk

2000 – 2003                Owner, ‘Custom Scientific Software’

·         Contract work mainly dealing with various aspects of Deconvolution software projects (UofA, NOAO, UNM, AFRL)
·         Hyperspectral Imaging hardware and software (UofA, AFRL) development
·         On-line White Dwarf database development and implementation (UofA/LPL)
·         Automated aircraft detection for the Palomar laser guide star project

2003 – 2007                Senior Scientific Programmer
Oceanit Laboratories

·         Development & implementation of global automated telescope system to detect and track artificial satellites
·         10mas astrometry software development for satellite orbit determination & verification (space situation awareness)

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